What to wear on your Birthday

It’s your special day and you have to think of an outfit but coming up with good ideas seem a bit far from your reach. There are just so many outfits that you can think of and you don’t know which to actually wear. One great fact about being the birthday celebrant, thus being the star of your own party is that you can almost get away with wearing anything, except being in your ultimate birthday suit, so please rule that one out.

Usually, a birthday celebrant is told to wear something red, to symbolize happiness and of course to signify attention to you. But I personally think you wouldn’t have to go all the way red or super red, because if that’s the case you can just wear a red apple costume. Instead, why not highlight an outfit with red, like wearing red pumps and red lipstick to match a sexy little black dress, so you can be a chic birthday celebrant.

The above mentioned outfit is just one of the many outfits to wear on your special day; this article will give you more ideal outfits to don for your birthday, you can also use it as an inspiration to create your own get up, by mixing and matching different clothing items and accessories, that will make you stand out and shine on your day. So, without further ado, here are more ideal outfits for your favorite day of the year.

  • Sultry Black-to-Red- this outfit can be assembled by other clothing pieces as long as you maintain the essence which is to highlight red by using black undertones. If you’re planning a casual party then you can wear a pair of skinny jeans in black with a cute and sexy top, polished by red skyscraper pumps, red lipstick and classy silver bling. If you’re planning to throw an elegant party however, you can wear a simple body fitting dress, you can put a thick red ribbon or belt around the waist to make the color of red pop, once again top it off with a pair of red high heels and diamond studs.
  • Shiny Shimmering Splendor- if you want to shine like a star for your party then sequins can be your best bet. I’d opt for a fully sequined mini dress and pair it sky scraper heels with sheer make up and moderate accessories. A simple, sexy yet sophisticated party animal.
  • Go NEONderthal- your own birthday party by far is the best occasion to wear as much neon as you want and get away with it all. I would probably choose a hot and electric pink dress to go with my birthday cake. If it goes against your fashion code to wear more than 30% neon on your overall outfit then you can wear a cute but ravishing little black dress and wear bright eye-popping neon heels. Nothing says Parr-teyy like neon colors.
  • Sweetie Pie Star- if you refuse to go outrageous just because it’s your birthday and would rather opt for something simple yet sweeter-than-sweet-16-sweet, then you can opt for a cute pale pink baby doll dress or a pastel pink ruffled mini dress. Sweet yet sensual.

Here are just a few ideas, remember that it is your special day and the decision for your birthday outfit still relies on you. Your day comes just once every year so don’t be afraid to try something out of your ordinary choices, be bold and daring and maybe your outfit will make your special day en even more memorable one.

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